Mentor Program

About the Program
The goal of the 2016-2017 mentor program is to bridge the gap between professionals in the Austin area and students who are eager to gain experience in communications fields. This may involve sharing career and resume tips, lending professional advice and providing expectations of the industry. Mentors can also invite students to their work place for a shadow day if schedules allow.

The program is flexible—make the most out of your mentor-student experience by making it your own. This year we have designed a program matching system to ensure mentors and students will get the most out of the mentor program. Students must be accepted into the program and their designated interests will be aligned with a mentor based on industry sector and/or career specialty to help ensure quality engagement.

Requirements for mentors include:
  • Meet with student mentee at least three times in the Fall 2016 semester and three times in the Spring 2017 semester
Requirements for students include:
  • Reach out to and meet with mentor at least three times in the Fall 2016 semester and at least three times in the Spring 2017 semester
  • Define objectives and goals for participating in the program before meeting

If you have any questions, please email Vice President of Professional Development Sarah Vasquez.

The 2016-2017 Mentor Program Application has re-opened! Applications will close on Friday, Mar. 3rd.