Registration is closed for Fall 2017. Our registration form will open again at the beginning of the Spring 2018 semester.

But we invite all to fully explore our resources and opportunities and welcome all comments, suggestions and improvements! (Some resources are password protected.)

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Our chapter also offers special events, such as Agency Tours and Longhorn Networking. Please email our Vice President of Special Events, Carina Torres for more information.

Interested in getting involved?

Your $75 dues will cover you for one year- if you pay this fall, you won’t pay again until next fall. With the many benefits that PRSSA offers, what are you waiting for?

Where is your money going? We send a portion of your individual dues to PRSSA Headquarters so you become a nationally affiliated member. Texas PRSSA spends the rest of the funds on our awesome events and prizes!

You MUST fill out our membership form, regardless of what payment option you select. Please do NOT fill out this form if you have paid in the spring.

Payment Options:

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    • made out to UT PRSSA Chapter (please include your name and email)

Prospective members, please attend the first meeting for more information regarding membership dues. If you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions, please email us at

Current Members List

Abby Campestre Spring 2013
Abby Newton Fall 2013
Abby O’Connor Fall 2013
Abigail Zeitler Fall 2013
Adrienne Harris Fall 2013
Alejandra Valeriano Fall 2013
Alex Wooliscroft Fall 2013
Alexandria Trevino Fall 2013
Alexis Karis Fall 2013
Alexis Kriticos Fall 2013
Allison Bohanan Fall 2013
Allison Kelsoe Spring 2013
Aly Kasberg Spring 2013
Alyssa Ely Spring 2013
Alyssa Neilson Fall 2013
Amanda Grindele Spring 2013
Amanda Olson Fall 2013
Amy Lach Fall 2013
Andrea Salafia Fall 2013
Anna Gerber Fall 2013
Aparna Kumar Fall 2013
Ariel Collins Fall 2013
Ashley Jones Fall 2013
Ashley Smith Fall 2013
Ashley White Fall 2013
Ashlyn Simon Fall 2013
Attiya Ali Fall 2013
Audrey Pritchard Fall 2013
Austin Malcolm Fall 2013
Brenda Pena Fall 2013
Brenda Tobar Fall 2013
Brenda Torres Fall 2013
Brinkley Field Fall 2013
Brittany Graham Spring 2013
Brittney Frazier Fall 2013
Cahterine Kwak Spring 2013
Callie Strock Spring 2013
Camille Giffin Spring 2013
Caroline Sprague Fall 2013
Casey Morris Fall 2013
Catherine Taylor Fall 2013
Chad Heller Spring 2013
Chantal Follins Spring 2013
Cheyenne Doerr Fall 2013
Christina Florey Spring 2013
Christine Lozano Fall 2013
Cindy Lien Fall 2013
Claudia Resendez Spring 2013
Claudia Sifuentes Fall 2013
Davina Bruno Fall 2013
Derek Beckman Spring 2013
Devin Duncan Fall 2013
Elizabeth Chavez Fall 2013
Elizabeth Hoang Fall 2013
Elizabeth Irving Fall 2013
Elizabeth Rubio Spring 2013
Ellen Lobb Spring 2013
Emily Bayliss Spring 2013
Emily Jenkins Spring 2013
Emily Wisner Fall 2013
Emma DeCaro Fall 2013
Erika Cervantes Fall 2013
Erin Duncan Fall 2013
Erin Hopkins Spring 2013
Erin Klepper Spring 2013
Erin Suddleson Fall 2013
Estefania Bravo Fall 2013
Gabriella Moran Fall 2013
Gabrielle Gollomp Spring 2013
Hayley Rodriguez Spring 2013
Helen Hansen Fall 2013
Hugo Rojo Fall 2013
Izamar Loredo Fall 2013
Jacqueline Suh Fall 2013
Jalee Hill Fall 2013
James Peirce Fall 2013
Jameson Pitts Fall 2013
Jamie Sullivan Spring 2013
Jasmin Escher Fall 2013
Jay Egger Spring 2013
Jeff Westerheide Spring 2013
Jeffrey Hopkins Fall 2013
Jesse Garcia Spring 2013
Jessica Schneider Spring 2013
Jill Patterson Fall 2013
Jinu Stephen Spring 2013
Jullian Perren Spring 2013
Kaitlyn Hieb Spring 2013
Kalina Sanchez Fall 2013
Kami Lee Fall 2013
Kamilla Rahman Fall 2013
Katherine Fan Fall 2013
Katherine Taylor Fall 2013
Katia Banic Fall 2013
Katie Ola Spring 2013
Katrina Conrad Spring 2013
Kayla Zabrycki Spring 2013
Kelli LeGrande Spring 2013
Kellie Apodaca Fall 2013
Kelsey Lloyd Spring 2013
Kimberlee Staffieri Spring 2013
Kimberly Larsen Fall 2013
Kimberly Sebastian Fall 2013
Kristen Munoz Fall 2013
Landon Horan Spring 2013
Laura Nauret Fall 2013
Lauren McKaig Spring 2013
Lauren Mynderse Fall 2013
Lauryn Feil Spring 2013
Lesly Reynaga Spring 2013
Madison Henry Spring 2013
Madison Shwartz Fall 2013
Magdalene Molhoek Fall 2013
Margaret Hyde Fall 2013
Maria Villasenor Fall 2013
Marissa McCann Fall 2013
Matthew Kelley Fall 2013
Meagan Meeks Spring 2013
Megan Garcia Fall 2013
Melanie Diamond Spring 2013
Meryl Hayes Fall 2013
Mia Fazio Spring 2013
Michelle Blam Spring 2013
Michelle Hill Fall 2013
Mina Ghobrial Fall 2013
Monica Rodriguez Fall 2013
Morgan Douglas Fall 2013
Morgan Nacewski Fall 2013
Morgan Pesante Fall 2013
Moses Bravo Fall 2013
Nancy Lien Fall 2013
Neha Sethi Fall 2013
Nguyet Hoang Spring 2013
Nikki Dulay Spring 2013
Paige Harris Spring 2013
Paige Kroll Fall 2013
Paige Velasquez Fall 2013
Paola McKee Spring 2013
Patrick Mackie Spring 2013
Priyal Agrawal Fall 2013
Rachel Richardson Spring 2013
Randell Johnson Spring 2013
Rebecca Sterling Spring 2013
Regina Flanigan Fall 2013
Robin Jacobs Fall 2013
Roger Gallegos Fall 2013
Ryan Gardner Fall 2013
Samantha Subar Spring 2013
Sarah Skolnik Fall 2013
Sasha Rezaie Spring 2013
Selena Albanese Fall 2013
Seth Caldwell Spring 2013
Shane Anderson Spring 2013
Shelby Kiser Spring 2013
Sonia Woiton Fall 2013
Sonserai Stalnaker Fall 2013
Srishti Dahal Fall 2013
Stacy Lan Fall 2013
Stephanie Kim Spring 2013
Sunita Rao Fall 2013
Sydney Grubb Spring 2013
Tara Kennedy Fall 2013
Taylor Griffin Fall 2013
Toni Tatarevich Fall 2013
Tori Wanzong Fall 2013
Vanessa Rodriguez Fall 2013
Vi Tran Fall 2013
Vicky Nguyen Fall 2013
Ye Seul Cho Spring 2013