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How to Get Career-Ready in College

By: Alexa Lewis

On top of studies and extracurriculars, college students often feel pressure to heavily network with professionals in the industry in order to have jobs soon after graduation. This is important, but something else to focus on is how to make the transition from college to career less stressful.

Here are a few tips to help:

  1. If you know what field you want to work in, start working on your own media contact list. 

    Often, one of the first tasks PR professionals and interns are assigned is creating and updating media contact lists. A way to make this task easier beforehand is to start following the social media accounts of different reporters, bloggers, and influencers in the field you want to work in or in the field you’ve secured a job in. By doing this, you’ll get a feel for the kind of work they do and the kinds of stories you can pitch to them.

    And, you’ll save a lot of time researching these contacts and impress your bosses. 😉

  2. Stay up-to-date on industry trends.

    Going into a new job or internship can be scary, but if you’re up to date on the industry’s trends, you’ll know what kinds of things you’ll be focusing on at work and know some of the obscure terms people are using. Being informed is key.

  3. Learn to use different software.

    This includes DropBox, the Google Suite, and Photoshop and Illustrator. Knowing how to use these programs will give you a leg up on competition at interviews and will make your future job a lot easier if you don’t have to get over the hump of actually learning the programs when you need to use them.

  4. Write, write, write.

    Having a good amount of writing samples will make applying for jobs SO much easier. As we know, most, if not all PR job and internship applications require writing samples. Being able to pick the best one out of several will be much easier having to write a new one (and a better option than using the same albino squirrel news story as everyone else). Additionally, having a blog or website where you keep all of your writing filed away will help in the long run, as us PR people write a lot (like, a lot) in our careers.


How Attending the Career Fair Can Benefit You



By: Jieun Lee


How can you get the chance to meet employers from great companies? You can start by attending PRSSA meetings, but there’s another great way to connect with recruiters: The Communication Job & Internship Fair.


The Moody College of Communication holds a job & internship fair every semester, and this spring it was held on February 22nd. Although this semester’s career fair has passed, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss the next one.


Get practice for your real job interview

Interviews aren’t easy, but they’re not exactly something you can avoid. It’s beneficial to practice a lot before having a real interview. Although it’s great to practice with friends or mentors, the Job & Internship Fair gives you the opportunity to have a conversation with recruiters from real companies. This will teach you how to communicate more effectively with employers and will help you a lot when preparing for your real job or internship interviews.


Find out what kind of company you want to work for

This semester, recruiters from 83 companies were at the career fair to talk with Moody students. Before applying for a job or internship, you should first educate yourself about companies in the industry you want to work for. Research the list of employers before the fair, figure out which ones fit your interests, and talk with those companies’ respective recruiters. After having a conversation with them, you can learn about each company’s core values and realize what types of employers you want to work for in the future.


Get your resume on an employer’s radar

If you’ve submitted applications to companies before, you know how hard it is to catch a recruiter’s attention. Recruiters receive a great number of resumes every day — how can you make yours stand out?

By attending the career fair, you can distinguish yourself from the crowd. Have a great elevator pitch. Tell a recruiter who you are, what you’ve done, and what you’re looking for. They will ask for your resume, and write a note on your resume about what you just said. If all goes well, they will contact you when they have a specific position that fits your skills and experiences. You never know when a great opportunity will fall into your lap.


Take advantage of a missed opportunity

If you have previously submitted an application to a company at the fair, make sure you go to their booths and let them know you’re interested. For example, if you sent a resume and cover letter to a company a few weeks ago but didn’t receive a response, you can talk to the recruiter at the career fair. Ideally, they’d ask you to resubmit your resume, which could then be moved to a priority list, increasing your chances of getting hired.


These are just a few reasons why attending the Job & Internship Fair is important! If you missed this spring’s fair, don’t worry — there’s one every semester. Keep these tips in your mind and take advantage of this great opportunity to chat directly with employers!


Information On Enhancing Your Writing Skills

By: Azizza Williams

Within the public relations industry, strong writing skills are seen as one of the most favorable abilities that a public relations employee can have. Our national committee, Public Relations Students Society of America (PRSSA) will be giving members some exceptional resources on how to improve your writing skills and tips on being a better writer.

Be sure to look out for the “Perfecting Your Prose: Best Practices for Writing PR” twitter chat on November 16th to learn about different ways to adapt and polish your writing skills. They are also providing opportunities to practice your writing skills with online public relations publications such as Progressions and FORUM. For more information contact Publications Editor in Chief Krista Watson  


Information for 2017 Spring and Summer Internships


By: Jieun Lee

Internships are highly important for students, especially juniors and seniors. These positions offer students real-life work experience before getting real jobs. However, internship application deadlines are approaching quickly! For those who have no idea where to start or feel overwhelmed, we’ve put together a quick rundown of the internship application process for seven different companies:

RPA offers students the opportunity to intern through the Spark Internship Program. Applicants should submit their resumes and a Social Project, which is a 10-second Snapchat video where applicants can tell RPA about themselves in a creative way. Apply for a Spring 2017 internship by October, and for a Summer 2017 internship by February.

PMG is an advertising agency that is located in Fort Worth. To apply for an internship, submit your application on PMG’s website or email PMG recruiter Leah Gilligan ( with your resume. You will then be contacted by  PMG for the next step of the application process, the PMG Online Assessment. There is no specific deadline posted online, but submit your application as soon as possible if you’re looking for a spring internship.

Cohn & Wolfe is one of the largest PR agencies in the nation. Its spring internship application deadline is October 30th. Email Matthew Young ( with the following documents by the deadline:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • One-page news release writing sample announcing your new intern position

Pierpont Communications
Pierpont is a PR agency that has 4 local offices in Texas. If you’re looking for a spring internship, send your resume as soon as possible to a recruiter based in your preferred location:

If you’re looking for a summer 2017 internship at Pierpont PR, send your updated resume to the appropriate recruiter in February.

LIVESTRONG offers unpaid internships to current students. Those interested can apply on the LIVESTRONG website. Here are the upcoming internship application deadlines:

  • Spring 2017: apply by December 12th, 2016
  • Summer 2017: apply by May 8th, 2017
  • Fall 2017: apply by August 14th, 2017

Applications for GSD&M’s 2017 spring internship program will be posted to the career page on its website within the next few weeks. If you are interested, keep checking the website! You can apply directly online for the departmental internship that you are interested in.

The Richards Group
The Richards Group is a well-known advertising agency offering internships in a variety of departments, including brand management, digital strategy, public relations, and more. Heads up: The Richards Group will be conducting informational interviews on campus on October 17th! Make sure you sign up for a spot through UT CCS CareerSource.
For more information about internships, go to each company’s website and research! Start contacting recruiters and preparing your applications. Don’t miss your chance to work with these great companies!


Introducing the New Real Life Barbie: She comes in Petite, Tall, or Curvy


By: Ivan Savinon

For many people, Barbie has remained an iconic and exciting memory throughout our childhoods. Recently, Mattel, the main Barbie manufacturing company, introduced a new line of Barbies known as the Fashionista Barbie, which has taken its loyal fans by storm. Unlike the other classic Barbie dolls who are known for their slender bodies and blonde hair, this line stands out the most due to its new body positive makeover that includes a Barbie in three distinct body shapes: petite, tall, or curvy. With its creative and diverse new designs, Barbie now also comes in seven different skin tones, twenty distinct eye colors, and twenty four new hair colors and styles that match its diversified line.

In addition to the change that Barbie has undergone, previously, Mattel had also replaced Barbie’s traditional arch foot with a flat one instead in the hopes of promoting a more realistic idea about women and high heels. In fact, alongside the creation of the Fashionista Barbie line, Mattel has also created the Career Barbie line. That is to say which has given its audience a new perspective about the workforce and women while also endorsing feminism.

Furthermore, Barbie recently made it to the cover of Time Magazine, showing the impact a new, feminist spin, can have on a growing fan base and its social media representation. As public relations students, it’s important to note how a few changes to a traditional product can cause a positive or even negative uproar in the media.


One Week Removed From the Super Bowl

By: Tanvi Patel

There is no question that the Super Bowl is a widely watched event by people from all over the nation.  Some of us tune in to watch players tackle each other on the most intense field in the world and others watch to see some of the biggest brands in the world pitch their 30-second ad slots.  Or if you’re anything like me, you are solely watching to see Beyoncé slay her halftime performance. Whatever the case may be, the Super Bowl attracts crowds from all over the world but football may not be the only reason they turn on their TV’s.

The Super Bowl is known for its advertisements just as much as it is for its football. Some of the biggest brands in the world like Budweiser, Doritos, KFC, Honda, etc. will be competing with each other just like Cam Newton and Peyton Manning will be on the field. For this one event, people will actually sit through advertisements and not DVR fast-forward them. Pretty crazy, I know.

This is why the Super Bowl is the greatest marketing show on the planet. It is the perfect outlet for brands big and small to have their moment to shine. Especially for the less known brands, the Super Bowl stage is every reason to live by the saying “go big, or go home.” With a 30 second ad slot costing up to $5 million, marketers should not hold back even a little bit. It is all about creating buzz, and whichever brand stimulates the most conversion online through social media, essentially wins.

For me, the most exciting part of the Super Bowl is seeing the different tactics that brands use to create their own buzz worthy moment. Some brands aim to tug at your emotional heartstrings while others rely on humor appeal. I’m eager to see which brands end up on top and which ones don’t make the cut. Which do you think were a hit?