So, is Public Relations Marketing?

Photo by: Blue Kite Marketing

By: Hena Lee

No! PR students are frequently asked what Public Relations is and if they are “like-business majors”, but little do people know why PR students are so drastically different than marketing business majors. Within so many aspects I will share why and how PR students differ and how these differences make Public Relations a major growing career in the labor field.

First, PR and marketing have two completely different goals. Marketing focuses on consumers, what they think and believe, primarily trying to sell them their product or service. On the other hand, PR primarily focuses on protecting the company or brand by keeping positive channels between other companies and its shareholders. Overall, marketing activities strive to keep direct revenue, while PR thrives on positive reputation through an effective PR strategy.

In the long run, PR is thriving in the labor field and will always be necessary within a corporate business or brand. While marketing is necessary and effective in short term activities, PR reaps its benefits over a long period of time. Marketing focuses on and seeks instant, tangible sale successes; the benefits of a PR program can be viewed as a long term investment that a company could recognize for future achievements.

There is a reason why PR is within Communications and why Marketing is within Business. While marketing is correlated with math, strategies, numbers, and statistics, Communications aid PR to learn human interactions, social strategies and skills, and positive maintenance within companies and corporations.