11/7 Meeting Recap: Stand Up and Stand Out


By: McKaylah Austin

This week, a guest speaker, Chelsey Korman, from GSD&M Austin came out to speak to us about topics ranging from the biggest PR fumble of 2017 to maintaining press relationships and more!

GSD&M is an Austin based advertising agency that was started in 1971 by four University of Texas students that didn’t know a thing about advertising, but knew they wanted something to do with it- fast forward to today and GSD&M employs 400 staff members, with clients such as Southwest Airlines, John Deere, Whole Foods Market, Popeye’s, and Dodge. GSD&M prides itself on being a creatively-driven, purpose-based agency that exists to create ideas that make a difference.

To show an example of how fast and deep GSD&M takes on its clients and their ideologies, Chelsey walked us through a series of advertisements put out by Southwest Airlines, showcasing their full dedication to their flyers. The warm and heartfelt videos earned praise from Ad Week, USA Today, and other esteemed publications nationwide, earning Southwest the title of “The Brand with Heart”.

Chelsey went on to tell us tips and tricks to strengthen and maintain press relations:

  1. DO stay in contact
  2. DO know the brand
  3. DO make it interesting
  4. DO give the facts
  5. DON’T avoid giving the facts

One final takeaway from the presentation was to do what you love, love what you do, and stick with your morals and beliefs while learning what it is that you love.