10/24 Meeting Recap: Workshop with T3


By: Leslie Ortega

For our meeting we had T3, an advertising agency that finds innovative ways to develop a brand’s identity and marketing campaign. T3 employs 230 people across 4 cities with clients including Allstate, UPS, Whole Foods and Capital One.

T3 believes that consumers’ expectations have changed over time and it’s not just about communication anymore. They help companies get to the core of the business problem by framing solutions and building useful brands. They’ve mostly worked in digital advertising but also do different channel digital advertising experience.

Our meeting consisted of a workshop dealing with rideshare commuting problems. The challenge was to reimagine a better rideshare commuting solution and focusing on digital ideas and opportunities. 3 out of 4 commuters drive alone so how can we encourage people to be the driver and pick up others with them?

First, we established our key audiences: the established commuter and emerging commuters, then, we looked at ethnographic studies. The consensus across the studies were that commuters were hesitant to give up their freedom and flexibility, a negative stigma of carpooling, and being uncomfortable riding with strangers. T3 then reframed the challenges into opportunities and by modernizing carpooling and fostering a sense of community, it could change people’s perceptions on commuting.

Our activity included creating a journey map for emerging commuters by identifying key moments in a person’s commute journey and marking their peaks and troughs throughout the ride. This showed the commuter’s perspective and how it could be improved. Some of our members provided suggestions, such as modernizing it into an interactive app or offering rewards like gift cards, as a way to encourage ridesharing.

The final takeaway from our workshop is that this journey structure can be applied to anything else in communication while helping with tactics and overall user experience.