How Attending the Career Fair Can Benefit You



By: Jieun Lee


How can you get the chance to meet employers from great companies? You can start by attending PRSSA meetings, but there’s another great way to connect with recruiters: The Communication Job & Internship Fair.


The Moody College of Communication holds a job & internship fair every semester, and this spring it was held on February 22nd. Although this semester’s career fair has passed, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss the next one.


Get practice for your real job interview

Interviews aren’t easy, but they’re not exactly something you can avoid. It’s beneficial to practice a lot before having a real interview. Although it’s great to practice with friends or mentors, the Job & Internship Fair gives you the opportunity to have a conversation with recruiters from real companies. This will teach you how to communicate more effectively with employers and will help you a lot when preparing for your real job or internship interviews.


Find out what kind of company you want to work for

This semester, recruiters from 83 companies were at the career fair to talk with Moody students. Before applying for a job or internship, you should first educate yourself about companies in the industry you want to work for. Research the list of employers before the fair, figure out which ones fit your interests, and talk with those companies’ respective recruiters. After having a conversation with them, you can learn about each company’s core values and realize what types of employers you want to work for in the future.


Get your resume on an employer’s radar

If you’ve submitted applications to companies before, you know how hard it is to catch a recruiter’s attention. Recruiters receive a great number of resumes every day — how can you make yours stand out?

By attending the career fair, you can distinguish yourself from the crowd. Have a great elevator pitch. Tell a recruiter who you are, what you’ve done, and what you’re looking for. They will ask for your resume, and write a note on your resume about what you just said. If all goes well, they will contact you when they have a specific position that fits your skills and experiences. You never know when a great opportunity will fall into your lap.


Take advantage of a missed opportunity

If you have previously submitted an application to a company at the fair, make sure you go to their booths and let them know you’re interested. For example, if you sent a resume and cover letter to a company a few weeks ago but didn’t receive a response, you can talk to the recruiter at the career fair. Ideally, they’d ask you to resubmit your resume, which could then be moved to a priority list, increasing your chances of getting hired.


These are just a few reasons why attending the Job & Internship Fair is important! If you missed this spring’s fair, don’t worry — there’s one every semester. Keep these tips in your mind and take advantage of this great opportunity to chat directly with employers!