2/7 Meeting Recap: The Power of Social Influencers



By: Denise Candelo


At this week’s meeting we had the incredible opportunity to get two PR industry experts come in to talk to us about the power of social influencers.


About the Speakers:

Rachel Shin and Paola Reyes, both University of Texas alumnae, are current account executives in the Austin office of the global communications and public relations agency Cohn & Wolfe.

Working primarily on healthcare and consumer products, the two have gotten to collaborate and work with social influencers like blogger Marianna Hewitt and celebrity make-up artist Allan Avenado. Sound familiar? Marianna runs the popular blog Life with Me and Allan’s clients include celebrities ranging from Gigi Hadid to Chrissy Teigen!


Why Influencers?

Why exactly are social influencers so powerful in this day and age of social media?

  • Cut through the noise of advertising
    They can cut through the noise because consumers view them as people that they can trust.
  • Show, don’t just tell
    They can show their followers how they view a product or service through their eyes.
  • Create authentic and unique content
    They have a greater air of authenticity because the product or service that they are promoting is uniquely specific to their “brand.”
  • Build relationships
    They have an established base of followers who they know how to reach and talk to.
  • Provide bang for your buck
    Influencers have risen to the top and they can, as a result, disseminate your message much further.
  • Convert consumers into advocates
    The influencer themselves is an advocate and because of their unique connection with their followers, they turn them into advocates of the product as well.


Selecting Influencers

How exactly do you go about selecting influencers? Follow the Three R’s!

  • Reach
    Consider who your target audience is and how they get their information. Does your potential influencer reach these people?
  • Relevance
    Think about what values your brand and client stand for. Is your potential influencer authentic in fitting with these values?
  • Resonance
    Does your influencer have the ability to make your brand’s message stick?


Content Creation

What type of content should your influencer be creating and what should it incorporate?

  • Key messages
  • Product images
  • Brand name and website
  • Disclaimers
  • But overall make it personal and relevant!

* Always make sure that your influencer has the power to create unique and authentic content that fits with the brand.


Leveraging Influencer Content on Social

How do you leverage the content that your influencer creates on their platforms on your brand’s social media?

  • Monitor
    Know when they’re going to be posting
    Keep track of the comments that come in
  • Engage
    If someone asks a question, jump in there and answer it
  • Share
    Share their posts on your social media and tag them
  • “Steal”
    Not actually stealing!
    Post the content they create that you have licenses to onto your platforms

    • This is how you can get their followers to come to your channel
  • Amplify
    Always try to grow awareness for their content and your brand


Best Practices

  • Have your client’s back at all times!
  • Trust the influencer
    They’re the expert on the subject matter so they’ll know how to talk to their audience.
  • Plan ahead of time
    Make sure you also have a plan b, because you never know what could go wrong.
  • Be upfront about expectations and timing
    It’s important for influencers to know when they can use content so that they can plan their posting schedules.
  • Compensate accordingly
    How you compensate your influencer varies according to their following and the platforms they use.
  • Keep track of impressions and metrics
    They can help you decide things for future campaigns and clients.
  • Build relationships, not just partnerships
    If you do, they’ll tell others that you’re a great company to work with.
  • Get creative!
    Make sure you post original and unique content.