10/18 Meeting Recap: Learning the Basics of Photoshop


By: Denise Candelo

If you missed our meeting this Tuesday, have no fear! Below is a summary of some of the major skills we learned in our Photoshop workshop as well as some highlights about the Burson-Marsteller internship program.


Photoshop Workshop

Members of our PRSSA chapter gathered in one of the College of Communication’s computer labs to get a hands-on tutorial on Photoshop. The workshop was led by our creative director Mallie Rust, who is a fourth-year Advertising and English student.

She began the workshop by reassuring us all that although many people have reservations about working with the graphics editor, it really isn’t as complicated as it looks!


The main takeaway?

It is important to remember that Photoshop is a pixel-based photo editor.  This means that instead of being made up of smooth lines, everything that we see on the editor is going to be based around pixels, which is a crucial piece of information that is needed to understand the “layers” function on Photoshop.

Layers correspond to every “object” you add to the document, in turn creating its own layer. In order to edit a specific object, you have to be in the specific layer that corresponds to said object in order to modify it. Additionally, layers can be locked which can help prevent any unwanted changes.  Most importantly, you need to always be aware of what layer you’re in!


Skills Learned

The first skill we learned during the workshop was how to use the magnetic lasso tool. The magnetic lasso tool detects pixels of a certain color and distinguishes information and content you based on those pixels. This is particularly useful for when you are trying to cut someone out of a background.

The second skill we familiarized ourselves with was removing objects by using the content aware tool on Photoshop. The content aware tool will pull pixels from the surrounding background of a hole or gap in a graphic, and use the surrounding background to fill in the gap and fix it.

A more comprehensive step-by-step tutorial of both skills can be found through the following links:
Removing Objects with Content Aware Tool
The Magnetic Lasso Tool

How can you improve your skills?

You can learn more tech and photo-editing skills by visiting Lynda.com, an online learning platform that was brought to us by the people at LinkedIn. On the website you can find a multitude of video tutorials on Photoshop, so that you can improve your photo editing skills at your own pace. Best of all, it is completely free for UT students!



Finally, our meeting concluded with a visit from a representative from Burson-Marsteller, the world-renowned PR agency. The company was founded in 1953 and has a presence in over 150 countries around the world, making Burson-Marsteller one of the top PR agencies. They have a strong footprint in a wide variety of areas and work with companies such as Ford Motors, Chipotle, and Bank of America.

They offer an incredible ten-week internship program for current juniors and seniors who are interested in the PR industry. The internship program itself is robust in nature because interns get the opportunity to do entry-level PR work at a large reputable agency. They even hire interns who make a lasting impression!

For more information on the internship be sure to visit: The Harold Burson Summer Internship Program.