Information for 2017 Spring and Summer Internships


By: Jieun Lee

Internships are highly important for students, especially juniors and seniors. These positions offer students real-life work experience before getting real jobs. However, internship application deadlines are approaching quickly! For those who have no idea where to start or feel overwhelmed, we’ve put together a quick rundown of the internship application process for seven different companies:

RPA offers students the opportunity to intern through the Spark Internship Program. Applicants should submit their resumes and a Social Project, which is a 10-second Snapchat video where applicants can tell RPA about themselves in a creative way. Apply for a Spring 2017 internship by October, and for a Summer 2017 internship by February.

PMG is an advertising agency that is located in Fort Worth. To apply for an internship, submit your application on PMG’s website or email PMG recruiter Leah Gilligan ( with your resume. You will then be contacted by  PMG for the next step of the application process, the PMG Online Assessment. There is no specific deadline posted online, but submit your application as soon as possible if you’re looking for a spring internship.

Cohn & Wolfe is one of the largest PR agencies in the nation. Its spring internship application deadline is October 30th. Email Matthew Young ( with the following documents by the deadline:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • One-page news release writing sample announcing your new intern position

Pierpont Communications
Pierpont is a PR agency that has 4 local offices in Texas. If you’re looking for a spring internship, send your resume as soon as possible to a recruiter based in your preferred location:

If you’re looking for a summer 2017 internship at Pierpont PR, send your updated resume to the appropriate recruiter in February.

LIVESTRONG offers unpaid internships to current students. Those interested can apply on the LIVESTRONG website. Here are the upcoming internship application deadlines:

  • Spring 2017: apply by December 12th, 2016
  • Summer 2017: apply by May 8th, 2017
  • Fall 2017: apply by August 14th, 2017

Applications for GSD&M’s 2017 spring internship program will be posted to the career page on its website within the next few weeks. If you are interested, keep checking the website! You can apply directly online for the departmental internship that you are interested in.

The Richards Group
The Richards Group is a well-known advertising agency offering internships in a variety of departments, including brand management, digital strategy, public relations, and more. Heads up: The Richards Group will be conducting informational interviews on campus on October 17th! Make sure you sign up for a spot through UT CCS CareerSource.
For more information about internships, go to each company’s website and research! Start contacting recruiters and preparing your applications. Don’t miss your chance to work with these great companies!