10/4 Meeting Recap: Inside Fashion & Lifestyle PR with POM PR!


By: Tiffany Lin

Couldn’t make it to the meeting this Tuesday? Read all about this week’s speakers from Patterns of Movement (POM) PR!


About the Speakers

Kristin Chin’s background in the industry started in 15 years ago, working with multiple fashion brands in corporate public relations. She was involved in high profile and high fashion events such as the Oscars and Emmys. About 9 years ago, Chin moved to Austin where she noticed an abundance of food, corporate and other genres of public relations. She saw a need for an agency specializing in fashion public relations, which is when she founded Patterns Of Movement PR in 2010.

Mandy Mayekawa is a University of Texas alumna. Before graduating in 2013 in public relations, Mayekawa landed an internship with POM PR after hearing them speak at a PRSSA meeting. The internship was an amazing experience. She learned almost everything about the trade outside of her UT classes at the internship. She was employed by Lionsgate, where she worked for a variety of clients such as Hunger Games and Divergent. Mayekawa mostly handled film PR and international publicity. When a position opened up with POM PR, she couldn’t pass the opportunity up and she has been with the agency ever since.


A glimpse of POM PR

POM PR is focused on fashion and lifestyle. They are all about determining the best story to pitch to the press. They have clients all around Texas and have build a substantial network with editors and influencers.  

On a day-to-day basis, Mayekawa and Chin are in a whirlwind of writing; there is a ton of pitch drafting. When they are not writing, they are contacting the press and creating press clips after they secure the press. They are scheduling interviews and covering the interviews, as well as managing Instagram and Facebook for many of their clients.

Austin Fashion Week is a large project that POM PR undertakes every year. Along with the founders, Chin has been on the board since the very beginning. Though there were many changes, Austin Fashion Week has evolved into a 10- day event that starts with a kick off event. Now hosted at the JW Marriott, the project has retail events in the middle of the week and three to four nights of runway shows. Famous names have crossed their itinerary such as the judges from Project Runway, but recently there has been an increase in independent designers.

Some things have changed in the industry. For example, POM PR now spends a significant portion of time working with bloggers due to their influence. But some things haven’t changed. For example, the overall success of a story still relies on trends, timing, and what works for POM PR and the press.

Other than traditional hooks such as Mother’s Day, POM PR features the uniqueness of the brand to catch editors’ eyes.


Their Clients

Eleve, one of their clients is an all natural and vegan cosmetics brand. As a new client, POM PR discussed where the brand was in market, what their goals were and how PR can help them with their goals. Since Eleve is a newer brand, they wanted the agency to get the word out locally. POM PR reached out to boutiques and salons to see if they were interested in being wholesale vendors. Other than the more traditional methods, POM PR reached out to bloggers and piqued their interest through event invites and gifting. The company welcomed the media to meet the founder and try the products out.

Another one of their clients is Shaesby Fine Jewelry, where their main goal was to broaden their reach and to appear on national news sources. POM PR honed in on what made Shaesby special, which directed them to the brand’s unique collections at the time.

The Isle Collection was made with mixed metals, had a lower price point, and designed with a celestial pattern in mind. POM PR made the inspirations for the designs the focal point of the campaign.

The Bridal collections were attached to a custom experience. Customers could take their family heirloom diamond and make it into a brand new ring. The media visited the studio in Allendale, where they saw the process of how the jewelry was created. What was unique was the opportunity to see the rings being made and potentially meeting the artist or designer of your ring.

During the campaign, POM PR wanted to connect the brand to new and current clients. To achieve Shaesby’s second goal, they pitched to international outlets and cultivated relationships with the press.

PR is notoriously hard to quantify, so clips and social media shout outs are the results to show to clients that says, “This is where your money is going to.” Shaesby was featured in Refinery 29 and most recently in Elle during New York Fashion Week. The article in Elle was especially rewarding after a year of communication, gifting and nurturing of the relationship. Being able to see and share an article is the fruition of hours of hard work and is one of the best parts of being in the industry. Just make sure to notify clients on how long PR can take effect.


POM PR Pro Tips

  • Make your resume (include your name in the file):
    • Relevant
    • One page
    • Descriptive
  • Go to the interview:
    • Appropriately dressed
      With hard copies of your resume and writing samples
    • With a notebook
    • With questions and knowledge of the company
  • After the interview:
    • Send a thank you note/follow up
    • Send additional materials they request