Agency Tour Recap: Edelman


By: Brandon Hormuth

Edelman is one of the largest independently owned PR firms in the world, with 65 global offices and global headquarters in Chicago and New York City. On September 29, Texas PRSSA visited Edelman for its first agency tour of the year, bringing along the chapter’s biggest agency tour group yet with nearly 20 members in attendance.

Our agency tour took place on one of Edelman’s “Fundays,” which is a day set aside each month for the purpose of having a more relaxed and comfortable work environment. Today’s theme was “wear your favorite sports team”, and a lot of employees were able to show support for their alma maters.

The Austin office currently has about 40 employees, and is considered one of Edelman’s more moderately sized offices, with smaller offices in cities like Orlando that only have about 12-15 employees. The headquarters in Chicago and New York City are their largest offices, and have over 500 employees. Before our Q&A session we waited in the office’s lounge area, which held a giant kitchen full of unlimited snacks and beverages for Edelman’s employees and a large bookshelf surrounded by lounge chairs.

We then met Marissa, who focuses on the firm’s technology accounts, and learned about how the company was founded and how the Austin office has grown. She led a Q&A with some of Edelman’s newer employees, including one that had just started two weeks ago. The employees talked about their positions within the firm and our members asked questions such as “how do you apply the skills you learned in college to your current job?” After the Q&A session, Marissa led us on a quick tour of the office and its different facilities.

Edelman’s internship program is specifically for post-graduates. The reason for this is because Edelman’s internships are paid and full-time, and the firm wants their interns to be able to fully focus on their work and not have to worry about school. However, many interns for the company end up with full-time offers upon successful completion of the internship.

There are many benefits to working at Edelman. For example, Marissa talked about Edelman’s exchange program which allows out-of-town employees to switch offices when they are in a city that holds another one of their offices. This allows employees to continue to work in a similar environment and meet their fellow employees, instead of having to work out of a hotel room. Edelman is also flexible about moving offices permanently, like Marissa did when she moved from the San Francisco office to the Austin location.

For more information about Edelman and their internship process, be sure to check out their website at