9/20 Meeting Recap: Getting Social with Spredfast



By Lindsey Hollander

Did you miss this week’s meeting? Not to worry! We had some awesome guest speakers and recruiters but this recap should give you the gist. However… you did miss out on free Cane’s.

Beyond Likes & Retweets: Social Media Strategy for the PR Professional
Courtney Lowell & Samantha Subar of Spredfast

We were lucky enough to have Courtney Lowell and Samantha Subar from Spredfast come speak with us Tuesday about social media strategy. Spredfast is an Austin-based social media software company. They have over 500 employees and 650 customers including Edelman and the NFL. Courtney is director of communications and Samantha, a former Texas PRSSA member, is a PR manager.

Courtney discussed Spredfast in terms of 4 different products: conversations, promotions, intelligence and experiences. Her presentation then went into the changes the PR industry has faced and the ways Spredfast adapts to that.

A New Lens On Social:
Courtney stressed the idea of story telling. Social used to be just about product, company and customer news – which is great, but it was dry storytelling and these stories often had a long lead time. Today, the value of social is about storytelling and setting and evolving goals.

Enter Social Data:
Courtney acknowledged the fear and concern some may have now when told to be “more data driven” or to have a “data approach”. It could sound boring or intimidating but social data is completely different — it’s the always-on focus group.

Courtney then shared a lot of the interesting data Spredfast has found. For example, 11% of the people that post on Instagram with the hashtag “no filter” are actually using a filter on the image. This was conducted with their unique software and the back end of Instagram. Another example is with the Starbucks holiday cups this past year. After Starbucks released the new cups there was outrage, but it turns out most of the outrage was actually about the fact that there was outrage. Spredfast was able to determine that this “crisis” or “outrage” actually wasn’t a valid issue despite all the mentions in social spaces.

How do you scale this program?
Samantha then reviewed scaling and the power of data. It’s not just about blogging and enriching the news — with data you can create your own campaign and think in terms of headlines. Spredfast has 76% SOV over their largest competitor. They also have about 10 million social shares from their data stories.

The presentation was wrapped up with a few closing thoughts from Samantha. She encouraged us to think differently – about social media, about how you pitch, about different organizations, and more.

We also had a few recruiters at our meeting! RPA, a holistic ad agency based in LA. and General Mills both stopped by to speak briefly before the career fair. RPA discussed their unique internship program in LA, and General Mills spoke about their BMA program for graduates and internship program. Visit their websites for more information!