Summer Internship Spotlight – Erin Suddleson

Summer Internship Spotlight #7

Name: Erin Suddleson

Major: Public Relations

Classification: Senior

Internship: Publicity Intern at Paramount Pictures (Los Angeles, CA)


What drew you to this internship?

I have always been interested in the entertainment industry. When I was looking for internships, I wanted to intern with a studio because it allowed me to get a large corporate feel but at the same time there are always new movies being released so the work is always changing.


What do you like the most about your internship?

I love that I have the opportunity to create how people first perceive a movie. I sit in on the brainstorming meetings where we share ideas on creative ways to get people talking about an upcoming movie. I also get to work high profile events which has always been a love of mine. And seeing movies before they are released is a nice perk.


What have you learned from your internship so far?

Honestly, I’ve learned more through this internship in just a month than any other. I now understand how much a role publicity has in our media. It is so interesting to see all of the responsibilities on the studio’s side that don’t typically come to mind such as travel arrangements, styling, and every public appearance that the talent makes before a movie is released.


Any advice for people looking for an internship?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Be confident and reach out to companies that really interest you. Even if you don’t see an internship position available on their website, they may still take interns. It never hurts to ask.


Erin Suddleson