Summer Internship Spotlight – Kaitlin Dorey

Summer Internship Spotlight #3


Name: Kaitlin Dorey

Major: Public Relations, TexasMedia program

Classification: Senior

Internship: Media Intern at 360i (New York, NY)


What drew you to this internship?

It has a specification in media planning and it was in NYC!!


What do you like the most about your internship?

The people – both the other interns and the supervisors. Everyone is so eager to learn, regardless of job title.


What have you learned from your internship so far?

I’ve learned how all of the different departments at an advertising agency can come together to make a cohesive plan for a client. It’s very different from school where each department seems isolated.


Any advice for people looking for an internship?

Network, network, network! Meet and talk to as many people as you can. Also don’t be afraid to apply for a department you don’t necessarily have a lot of experience in. There’s a lot of spots in advertising that UT doesn’t have a specific class for, and you could fall in love with a department you never knew existed.