Summer Internship Spotlight – Abby Wills

Summer Internship Spotlight #2

Name: Abby Wills

Major: Public Relations

Classification: Junior

Internship: Publicity Intern at Warner Bros Records (Los Angeles, CA)


What drew you to this internship?

I have always been incredibly fascinated with the music industry and its connection to public relations. In this time period with the popularity of social media and the Internet driving the way content is released, public relations is vital to maintaining the image of an artist and building their name. I got accepted into the UT in Los Angeles program and knew that I had to take advantage of my prime location and see how the public relations world existed in a major record label setting. My interviews with Warner Bros Records gave me insight into this authentic record label that cared a lot about their artists and the music.


What do you like the most about your internship?

I think what I like most is about how the day-to-day activities change. I love getting to work with the different publicists in WBR and help them manage the press and buzz of their specific artists. Everyday I get to work with a different artist and I get first hand experience in how the publicists change their tactics according to the artists sound, image or ideas. It has truly enlightened me to how the publicity side works to a record label.


What have you learned from your internship so far?

The top thing I have learned is how fast the industry is going. You have to be on top of the ball in case a disaster strikes with your artist or with the handling of the material. I’ve seen the publicists avoid what could have been chaos and it has been interesting taking note of how they handle various aspects. I’ve also gotten a lot of insight into how the tour press works for each artist. It has been incredibly interesting to see how the marketing, touring and publicity work together.


Any advice for people looking for an internship?

Keep applying. The best practice is applying for internship after internship. The experience I received from going through so many interviews is something that I will always value. I learned how to talk about myself, the right questions to ask, what kind of pre-interview research was necessary and how to gauge how the interviewer feels about you. The applying process definitely made me more confident in what I have achieved at UT so far and that goes a long way in how you are viewed by a future employer.


Anything else you want to add?

You may get the grunt work at an internship but the fact that you are putting your name out there in the field and getting the opportunity to make connections is something that is so noteworthy.


Abby Wills 2