Introducing the New Real Life Barbie: She comes in Petite, Tall, or Curvy


By: Ivan Savinon

For many people, Barbie has remained an iconic and exciting memory throughout our childhoods. Recently, Mattel, the main Barbie manufacturing company, introduced a new line of Barbies known as the Fashionista Barbie, which has taken its loyal fans by storm. Unlike the other classic Barbie dolls who are known for their slender bodies and blonde hair, this line stands out the most due to its new body positive makeover that includes a Barbie in three distinct body shapes: petite, tall, or curvy. With its creative and diverse new designs, Barbie now also comes in seven different skin tones, twenty distinct eye colors, and twenty four new hair colors and styles that match its diversified line.

In addition to the change that Barbie has undergone, previously, Mattel had also replaced Barbie’s traditional arch foot with a flat one instead in the hopes of promoting a more realistic idea about women and high heels. In fact, alongside the creation of the Fashionista Barbie line, Mattel has also created the Career Barbie line. That is to say which has given its audience a new perspective about the workforce and women while also endorsing feminism.

Furthermore, Barbie recently made it to the cover of Time Magazine, showing the impact a new, feminist spin, can have on a growing fan base and its social media representation. As public relations students, it’s important to note how a few changes to a traditional product can cause a positive or even negative uproar in the media.