One Week Removed From the Super Bowl

By: Tanvi Patel

There is no question that the Super Bowl is a widely watched event by people from all over the nation.  Some of us tune in to watch players tackle each other on the most intense field in the world and others watch to see some of the biggest brands in the world pitch their 30-second ad slots.  Or if you’re anything like me, you are solely watching to see Beyoncé slay her halftime performance. Whatever the case may be, the Super Bowl attracts crowds from all over the world but football may not be the only reason they turn on their TV’s.

The Super Bowl is known for its advertisements just as much as it is for its football. Some of the biggest brands in the world like Budweiser, Doritos, KFC, Honda, etc. will be competing with each other just like Cam Newton and Peyton Manning will be on the field. For this one event, people will actually sit through advertisements and not DVR fast-forward them. Pretty crazy, I know.

This is why the Super Bowl is the greatest marketing show on the planet. It is the perfect outlet for brands big and small to have their moment to shine. Especially for the less known brands, the Super Bowl stage is every reason to live by the saying “go big, or go home.” With a 30 second ad slot costing up to $5 million, marketers should not hold back even a little bit. It is all about creating buzz, and whichever brand stimulates the most conversion online through social media, essentially wins.

For me, the most exciting part of the Super Bowl is seeing the different tactics that brands use to create their own buzz worthy moment. Some brands aim to tug at your emotional heartstrings while others rely on humor appeal. I’m eager to see which brands end up on top and which ones don’t make the cut. Which do you think were a hit?