Dildos Before Guns: The University of Texas Students Protest the New Gun Law


By: Ivan Savinon

Because of a new gun law that permits the use of concealed weapons on campus, many students have planned to join together against this controversial law. This new statute also known as the “campus carry” law has just recently been passed by the Texas Legislature and was signed by Governor Greg Abbott. If you aren’t aware, this law allows anyone within the University of Texas system to carry a concealed gun to campus as long as that person is 21 years old and presents a license to do so. Despite the law recently getting passed, it has already received negative feedback due to the concerns for safety in which there have been extreme cases of such as Northern Arizona University where one student was killed and three were injured.

After the law was passed, Daniel Hamermesh, an economics professor at UT, submitted a letter of resignation because of the increase concern for safety that could occur during typical class days. Meanwhile, thousands of students joined together to protest the law by publically carrying dildos on campus, which can be seen violating university rules due to  “obscene expression.”  Many students are trying to actively spread the message about why it is wrong to pass a law that could potentially put many at risk. In fact, some students have done so through social media outlets such as twitter and Instagram by creating the #cocksnotglocks. As PR students, I think it is very imperative to understand how social media can help spread messages about current issues occurring both on campus and around the world. I also firmly believe that it is important for students to be active with social media campaigns because they ultimately influence the laws that are being passed and can have an impact on us as individuals.