AACC Culture Shock!

AACC Culture Shock from Azizza Williams on Vimeo.

By: Azizza Williams

Hello Texas PRSSA readers!

A week ago I was pleased to attend African American Culture Committee’s (AACC) annual Culture Shock event. Culture Shock is AACC’s yearly showcase of black art and talent presented by UT students. This showcase gives students a taste of black culture expressed through the arts. As stated from AACC Chair Kristin Braye, “With this show, we are able to create a powerful statement of who we are and show that to the community. Really the show means many things. It means we are creative, we are intelligent, we are talented, we are outspoken, but most importantly, it means we are proud.”   The event took a strenuous six weeks to prepare and I was able to bask into the captivating experience along with the rest of the immense and energetic audience. The show was hosted by none other than famous Viner Jay Cole, hailing all the way from Washington D.C. There were a variety of talent-infused acts ranging from dancing to singing and more. Along with these special acts, were prize giveaways to the audience members through raffle tickets that were presented at the beginning of the show.These prizes included AACC clothing items as well as tickets to a UT football game! This was an event that you did not want to miss. Though I was unable to get the entire show, here are some clips that will hopefully make you want to add the event to your calendars for next year!