Spark Magazine: More Than Just Fashion

Spark Spring

By: Komal Charania

Fashion is a topic that has truly evolved over the years. I believe it’s more than just a bunch of “snobby rich fashion socialites” meeting twice a year to influence each season’s style trends. The creativity and social message that goes into fashion designing, and the industry itself, has not been understood due to the misconceptions around the subject. Spark Magazine creates an outlet to banish these misconceptions as it sheds light on the role of fashion in everyday life.

I had a chance to interview Tiffany Chan, the Editor-in-Chief of Spark Magazine, on how Spark focuses its efforts to engage the community on the influence of fashion in society. Chan says, “Fashion is deeper than surface-level inquiries; we tackle topics such as women’s sexuality in fashion, technology’s role in the fashion industry, and race in high-fashion modeling.” With about 150 members aiming for the same goal Spark hopes to create a 200 page spread, while maintain an active blog, on just that.

Spark Magazine initially started in 2010 and was run by Ian and Autumn Ashley until they graduated from UT. After, the magazine was inactive for a year until Fall 2014 where Tiffany Chan took over and rebuilt it to what it is today: a magazine not just about fashion but about bringing together a diverse community. Chan enjoys that the organization has all “majors come together to collaborate on this creative endeavor as writers, photographers, models, hair and makeup artists, stylists, illustrators, layout designers, and as members in events team, business development, and public relations.”

Spark Magazine includes members that are dedicated and driven no matter what their experience is in the categories previously listed. Chan says that, “Spark is about more than just publishing an issue a semester; we build an on-campus community to support our members in their endeavors both in and out of Spark.” Spark creates a conversation outside the bounds of fashion by engaging with the broader community through service, also known as Spark for Humanity. These projects help the members give back to the community as they express their creativity. Spark for Humanity creates handmade cards for purchase in the effort to engage and help in causes in the local and global community. This year they have partnered up with UT Real Beauty Campaign to redefine the idea of beauty featuring Lizzie Velazquez as a key note speaker.

Some fashion magazine entail unoriginal, anxiety-ridden articles that have titles like: How to Dress for Your Dream Job. Wouldn’t it be great if all the time spent memorizing these types of articles actually landed you your dream job? Unfortunately, it’s quite a waste of time and quite frankly keeping people from seeing the true importance of fashion. Spark Magazine however, hopes to enlighten the public on the importance and influence of fashion in a social context as it engages in conversations between people with diverse passions.

The Fall/Winter Magazine will be released November 19, 2015 for information on how to order the magazine please refer to the link below.

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