On Lamar Odom…


By: Silvat Veerjee

When teenagers today think of pop culture, one specific family comes to mind—The Kardashians. This group of sisters has single handedly taken over the fashion industry and become household names. While their fame has come from virtually nowhere, they have built their up their recognition with their TV shows, multiple clothing lines, hair accessories, and make up kits. These products have slowly crept into the every day lives of teenagers everywhere. One cannot pick up a magazine without seeing one of the Kardashians mentioned somewhere. However, has our focus and attention given to this family gone too far?

This weekend, basketball star Lamar Odom suffered a tragic accident but the attention has somehow been diverted back to the Kardashian family.  Khloe Kardashian, the youngest Kardashian sister, was married to Odom for about six years, which ended in a rocky divorce. It is completely understandable that she is heart broken over her ex, but the attention given to the matter is astounding.

Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a legal brothel, having overdosed on multiple drugs. He is currently in critical condition, with slim chances of survival. CNN reported that Odom immediately rushed to the hospital after being found foaming at the mouth; however, many news outlets are taking this time to focus on Khloe Kardashian and how she is handling the situation instead of how Odom is doing. While Lamar is fighting for his life, people are wondering about how their favorite reality TV show star is dealing with the tragedy.

Odom has had a long history of drug abuse and that was one of the many factors that led to the divorce between him and Kardashian. Lamar has had many interactions with drugs in his life Lamar was introduced to drugs from an early age because his father was an abusive user of heroine. Due to this, his grandmother raised him.  This hardship did not stop Lamar Odom from becoming a basketball star. He aided in winning the 2009 and 2010 NBA Championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. This man has had overcome so many struggles in his life and created a name for himself. While battling a drug addiction, he continued to excel in his basketball career.

All the accomplishments Lamar Odom has achieved have made him a common name among basketball fans. Somehow, people have become invested in how Khloe Kardashian and her family are doing.  Some articles are even referring to Odom as Khloe’s ex”. Have we as a society become so obsessed with celebrities that this is our main concern? A man is unconscious in a hospital, and people are fixated on his ex-wife and what she is thinking. The family should be allowed to grieve in private without the media speculating on every move they make. There have been several rumors on Twitter that the TV star filmed her time at the hospital with Lamar for their show. These accusations have no support and are disrespectful to the Kardashian family. Today, the media shapes society. We forget to make our own opinions and base our thoughts off of what we are being told. While Lamar is in the hospital, the fans should be praying for his life and not preoccupying themselves with what Khloe is thinking. She is human and needs to deal with this in her own personal way. The media needs to realize the impact it is having on the youth of society today and what values it is instilling.