McDonald’s Utilizes the Power of Social Media to Create Breakfast Buzz


By: Tanvi Patel

America’s fast food giant has finally jumped on the social media bandwagon! McDonald’s has kept the public anticipating the launch of their all day breakfast menu through social media outlets, literally everywhere. Let’s starts with YouTube; the brand uploaded a video titled “We hear you” about 5 days ago on their channel which raked in 40,000 views already. The video featured five troubled individuals clearly affected by the fact that McDonald’s does not serve all day breakfast. In response to these claims, McDonald’s tweeted “We hear you. It’s almost time”. This was a great way for McDonald’s to create a more personal relationship with their public and show them that they are being heard. This morning, McDonald’s launched another Youtube video titled “Celebration” , which rejoices in the launch of their all day breakfast. These 30 second long videos are a perfect way for the fast food giant to get their message across without being overbearing. Moving away from Youtube, the company promoted the launch on twitter from early Tuesday morning using hashtags like #AllDayBreakfast which received around 9,500 favorites and 7,900 retweets in 13 hours!

Not only that but they used their Spanish twitter account @MeEncanta and several of their state Mcdonald’s account like @McDonaldsATL (Atlanta), @NebMcDonalds (Nebraska) and @McDonalds_DMV (DC) to join in on the fun with numerous twitter posts counting down the launch of their long awaited all day breakfast. Several news outlets have taken notice of McDonald’s smart social media efforts and have covered stories on it all week long. Some of these outlets include CNBC, FoxNews, CNNMoney, Time, and Buzzfeed.

In my opinion, McDonald’s is using social media in the best way possible in order to create buzz around their all day breakfast. They played on this generation’s obsession with social media in the most spot on way and through that created a strong social media campaign that could not be reckoned with. I think other companies that are looking to promote a good or service to an extensive group of people in a short period of time should definitely look up to what McDonalds just did.

Check out some of their campaigns here:
First Youtube Video link:
Second Youtube Video link: