Career Fair Preparation

By: Koby Ahmed

Spring break may be just around the corner, but PR folks know that vacations and relaxation are still a little ways away with the Spring 2015 Communication Job and Internship Fair tomorrow, March 11. To help you with your last-minute preparations, we have compiled some of the best resources, tips, and strategies under the burnt-orange sun.

Who do you want to talk to?

Take the time to review the employers before you attend. Develop a list of those that you are most interested in and plan talking points for each. Do you have past experience that is relevant to the position you want? What do you already know about their company? Is there a specific question you can ask that will show your interest and preparation? Your first-choice employer may have a long line, so ensure you have others selected that you can also speak with.

TIP #1: When closing the conversation with an employer, don’t forget to ask for a business card.

Who do you want to remember?

When talking to employers, be sure to remember what you talked about so that when you apply for a position with their company, you can mention how you enjoyed talking about TOPIC A with EMPLOYER A at the UT Austin spring communications career fair.

TIP #2: The best way to remember what you talked about is to take down a few notes, along with the employer’s name, after your conversation.

How do you want to be remembered?

You should probably have some kind of résumé on file by now, but in case you want to change it up a little to fit the companies you are visiting and applying for, the College of Communication has a comprehensive guide to creating the best résumé for your skill-set and job purpose. The guide contains recommendations on formatting your résumé to suit the variety of majors offered within the college.

TIP #3: Before you hand your résumé to the employer you’re starting a conversation with, ask if you can give them one. Sometimes they’ll want them, but sometimes they don’t want to be carrying about hundreds of resumes post-career fair.

Be confident, get excited, and have fun. This is a two-way street. Employers are interested in eager, diligent students with often more capability rather than experience. And where better to look than UT, right?

Good luck out there, and Hook ‘Em!

P.S. Consider booking an appointment with Communication Career Services before applying for internships and jobs. Busy schedule? The offices have convenient walk-in hours in the morning and afternoon. These visits aren’t just for résumés either – they can help with a multitude of professional needs: mock interviews, attire recommendations, and more.