Agency Tour: FleishmanHillard

By: Tiffany Lin

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Inside the doors of the FleishmanHillard Austin office lays an intimate, yet casual space where deadlines are conquered and campaigns are created. From “Go Beyond” and “Delivering Results at the Point of Impact” to “The Power of True”, FleishmanHillard has rebranded themselves as a more integrated agency in a shift that is different than tradition. With an estimated 80 offices globally, their offices frequently collaborate with each other, and the Austin office is no exception.

Catherine Mitchell, an account executive and UT public relations alumna, started her journey with FleishmanHillard at the San Diego office before being re-hired in the Austin office where she has worked for over a year. Although Catherine relocated, she continues to work with clients from the West Coast of Texas. Since her move, she has joined the social team for AT&T.

Lucy Keith, a senior account executive and UT public relations alumna, has been with FleishmanHillard for roughly three years. Not only does she work with food-based clients such as Mission Beer and Udi’s Gluten Free, but also has a variety of other clients including Texas Oncology.

When choosing interns, recruiters prefer candidates to have prior experience because this way the intern should already have a basic understanding of professional writing or entry level drafting. However, it is not an immediate deal breaker if an individual doesn’t have agency experience in an interview setting; it is all about a positive attitude and an obvious willingness to work hard. It’s best to talk through your resume and be honest about your experiences. If you’ve been a waitress all your life and only a waitress, then say you’re a waitress with confidence. Practicing before the interview will help you decide which professional or personal qualities you want to emphasize and how you want to highlight them. Sell yourself and practice, practice, practice.

Hiring interns may also depend on timing. When agencies have more food-based clients, they’ll want to hire someone who has had experience dealing with similar industries.

Interns are instantly valued members of the agency. Instead of coffee order lists, they are assigned various campaigns with strict deadlines. During the interview, an individual should indicate which types of clients he or she is interested in so that the agency can assign them related clients. Interns have the opportunity to be involved in consumer programs, application launches, or even crisis management, which isn’t for the faint of heart.

If an individual wants to move to another FleishmanHillard office, they have to be rehired at the other office. Typically, the FleishmanHillard teams work hard to keep employees within the FleishmanHillard community though. It’s all about what kind of fresh opportunities are at that location. New York is known for their celebrity media, while San Francisco is the hub for sports media.


FleishmanHillard is an agency that is proud of its members and contributions to its clients. The agency covers all forms of media from social to traditional and is constantly seeking and utilizing the Power of True. Check out their video here.