3 Lessons to Help You Throughout Your Career

By: Samantha Branson

IMG_3824 (1)
Officers Vi and Landon with Courtney (right) before the meeting.

On Nov. 18, Courtney White, the global public relations manager for Spredfast, shared three life lessons that can help college graduates steer when entering the work force. Spredfast is a social marketing company headquartered right here in Austin, Texas. Here’s Courtney’s advice to all PR hopefuls:

Lesson 1: Be Persistent

It isn’t always the early bird that catches the worm. Sometimes it’s the bird that follows up with a company three times a week. “At the end of the day none of us have a ton of experience, so the only thing that will set you apart is persistence,” Courtney said. Additionally, remember that you most likely won’t get the first job you apply to, so don’t give up.

Lesson 2: Raise Your Hand

Whether or not you enjoyed participating in class, when it comes to the workplace, you must raise your hand when an opportunity arises because you never know where it’ll lead. Courtney once raised her hand at a meeting and it turned into her spearheading a new PR firm. “You have to be willing to say, ‘Okay, I’ll try this out.’”

Lesson 3: Be Nice

When you first meet new people, it is easy to remember to be polite, smile, and appear interested in anything they say. But after a while it becomes harder to remember the little things because you get comfortable. PR is all about who you know, and more people will want to get to know you if you are nice.

Courtney closed her talk by offering this last piece of advice: “Very rarely do you have that much to lose when you have that much to win.” So follow her three lessons to help you stand out among applicants and coworkers, and get that dream job you’ve been chasing.