Austin City Limits: Spotlighting Local Businesses Since 2002

By: Caterina NasrIMG_7053

Grassy hills, roaring crowds, decadent treats, and incredible tunes, Austin City Limits Music Festival is at the pinnacle of annual events for the city of Austin. A three-day festival that is centered on celebrating all things music, food and art, the event’s two back-to-back weekends showcase everything the capital of Texas has to offer.

Unlike most other music festivals in the nation, Austin City Limits, or better known as ACL, capitalizes on so many unique opportunities to highlight local businesses. The festival is fully aware of the amount of creativity and innovation that courses through this city’s veins and, therefore, takes advantage of the weekends as ways to showcase all of what Austin’s locals have to offer.

IMG_3428After the music, the local food tents are arguably the second biggest attraction at the festival. Featuring Austin classics like East Side King and Juiceland, the tents attract all of the festival’s attendees eagerly waiting (or dying) to dive into whatever mouth-watering treat they please. Whether you’re an Austin native or a visitor far from home, ACL is helping spread the hype about so many businesses by giving people a glimpse of the capital city’s local eateries. Tasting the delicious food will lead a customer to tell friends about it, follow the restaurant on social media, and without a doubt, engage with the restaurant.

The art market is yet another opportunity for local artists to show that Austin offers one-of-a-kind artworks and products. By creating an element of exclusivity at the festival with the art and shopping tents, customers become a part of this special opportunity that only ACL offers. If a customer enjoys what a store or artist is selling, they are more likely to spread the word and maintain their customer loyalty even after the festival is over.

ACL also highlight’s local businesses from outside of the festival gates. Transportation isIMG_7166 vital during ACL weekend. Getting to and from Zilker Park can be a challenge, but the event helps feature methods like ride-sharing apps and pedicabs as easy ways to enter and exit the festival. Uber, Lyft and pedicab drivers are typically Austinites, so ACL helps bring to light their efforts as well.

By highlighting Austin’s local businesses, ACL is helping put them on the map more and more every year. When ACL features a local restaurant at the food tents or an original Austin boutique at the art market, they are helping these homegrown businesses reach out to a new and vast customer base as well as increase their brand awareness. As long as ACL is starring these Austin-born businesses, people,  not only from Texas, but also from all over the nation will continue to perceive Austin as a must-see destination.