5 Must-Have Apps for UT Students

By: Caterina Nasr

Staying connected – that is what college is all about. Having access to information, tips and upcoming events is what will get you through these four vital years of life and help you gain the most out of your college experience.

The easiest way to get and stay connected is through our universal, modern-day crutch: the cell phone. In this day in age, it seems our cell phones have become another limb. It’s interesting to think that getting around and managing our lives is done through a device that fits comfortably in our hand. Both a curse and a blessing, Smartphones are our most efficient way to stay connected with a touch of a screen.

There are five vital apps I keep on my phone to help me stay up to date. From food to transportation to academics, these apps have helped me survive the last two months of university life.

1. Hooked Deals

Hooked Deals is a coupon app on steroids. Taking into account your location on campus and the places around you, this app gives real time yet short-term deals for restaurants, coffee shops and more, and it’ll show you how much time is left to “hook them,” or use them, at the participating restaurants. The deals vary from getting a free cookie at Potbelly on the drag to $1 Tall drinks at Starbucks in the Union to free drinks at Austin’s Pizza. Not only is the coupon instant publicity for the business, but it’s also an easy way to get free treats with your meals. Sign me up!

2. Favor

The title essentially gives away the purpose of this genius app and service. Only operating in central Boston and Austin, the whole intention of Favor is to, well, do any favor you. Whether that’s bringing you a #3 off the Chic-Fil-A menu or grabbing candy at CVS, Favor “runners,” as they call them, will do anything for you. With a $5.00 delivery free, your request is at your doorstep within minutes. The runners wear blue tuxedo T-shirts and even give you updates to let you know what stage of the process your favor is at. Torchy’s Tacos or JuiceLand brought to me personally without having to leave my room? Yes, please.

3. Uber/Lyft

Uber and Lyft are modern-day taxi services. All you do is set your pick up and drop off locations on the app, and in a matter of minutes a driver is at your side ready to drive you wherever you please. You can also customize the size of the car to accommodate how many people are hopping on for a ride and even split the cost with other Uber or Lyft users. These means of transportation are a great way to get off campus if needed because they’re simple, safe and efficient.

4. UT Austin App

Complete with tabs on sports, news and events, the UT Austin app is the perfect way to stay updated on all things Burnt Orange. It has a fully-functioning map with all the names and abbreviations of buildings on campus that directly connects to the GPS on your phone. This app will route you to any building within seconds, which in fact, has saved me from getting incredibly lost multiple times. In addition, you can also log in with your UT EID and check out your weekly class schedule. The application has everything you need to be a happily informed Longhorn.

 5. Evernote

Evernote is a clever app that helps you organize all your class notes. You can sync existing notes from your other devices to your phone and have them with you at all times with just the tap of a screen. Additionally, you’re able to record reminders and jot down ideas with ease. It’s a way to efficiently and effectively review on the go as you trek down West Campus for that test you have in on the other side of campus.