Summer Internship Showcase – Nonprofit

Abz (left) and another LIVESTRONG intern before shooting a thank you video to send to donors.

Abigail Zeitler, or better known as Abz, is a junior and is interning at LIVESTRONG in Austin, Texas. One of the main things she has learned is that nonprofits have many more aspects to them than just what people assume. Abz is currently the stewardship intern on the development side of LIVESTRONG and had no idea just how much development plays in the inner workings of a nonprofit. Development and stewardship were two career paths she had never considered before this internship.

“LIVESTRONG is an incredible place to intern,” Abz said. “You should visit if you can. The people are inspirational and every day I learn something new. I am encouraged to be all that I can be as an intern here and to do incredible things with my life.” Interns are also able to participate in events, fundraising and anything going on at LIVESTRONG.

The way she found this internship was through a friend who thought it’d be a good fit for her. As for future plans, Abz will possibly be interning with her PRSSA mentor next fall. “That is a great connection that PRSSA gave me!”


Nikki (top) providing input and helping to plan the 2014 Texas CASA Conference.

Nikki Dulay is a junior and is interning at Texas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), a nonprofit in Austin, Texas that advocates for children in the foster care system through local CASA program across the state. Through this internship, Nikki has really grown in her writing and editing skills. She has also learned about Google Analytics, how to manage a website and social media accounts and event planning by helping out with a conference that Texas CASA is hosting this fall in Galveston. As her first internship, she has also learned a lot about how to work in an office and how to collaborate with other people and departments effectively.

“Besides the fact that I work with really awesome people in the Training and Communications Department, I love that there are different departments all working towards the same mission,” Nikki said. “ It’s always interesting hearing what everyone else is doing and getting to learn more about the nonprofit sector as a whole and not just communications.”

Nikki received this internship because of another member in PRSSA. During her interview, she also talked about some of the work she had done in PRSSA since it was on her resume. In addition, her interviewer was a member of PRSA, so it was great to have that connection.

“Prior to this internship, I thought all nonprofits were pretty much the same: fundraising and volunteering,” Nikki said. “At Texas CASA, we provide resources and assistance to county programs and help them grow so we can work towards our ultimate mission. This has opened my eyes to see just how broad the nonprofit industry is. Each organization is a unique world that works for their specific mission that ultimately wants to give back to others and make the world a better place.”