Summer Internship Showcase – Agency

Kelly (left) and another fellow intern working the LA Film Festival on behalf of the film ID represented, “The Road Within.”

Kelly Groves is currently a senior and is interning at ID Public Relations in Los Angeles. “ID-PR is at the heart of all entertainment and I have truly learned why their name comes from the word ‘identity,’” Kelly said. “ID works to shape and define some of the best talent, brands, films, studios, and companies in the nation and has successfully become the intersection of entertainment public relations and brand communications.”

Kelly’s favorite part about this internship is all of the networking opportunities she has had by working at red carpet events, going to photo shoots, and even just going to lunch with ID’s welcoming employees. “I can’t wait to move to LA to start my career in the entertainment public relations industry!”


Elizabeth (right) filming her boss for a video blog that just started this summer. Elizabeth, who is in charge of editing and filming, has helped her boss garner new business!

Elizabeth Chavez is currently a senior and is interning at a small agency in Austin, Texas, called Kimberly Strenk Public Relations, Inc. Over the past few weeks she has learned that it’s important to create learning opportunities for yourself by taking initiative and asking for what you want.

“My favorite thing about my internship is that I am given a lot of responsibility,” Elizabeth said. “The things I do in the office are new and exciting for me, but ultimately I know it will be going directly to the client, so the work must be professional.”

Elizabeth learned about this internship through the career service database and says that she used her experience from PRSSA to help her get the job because of her lack of prior pre-professional experience.