5 Tips for the Internship Application Process

Written by: Michelle Hill

1. Personalize each cover letter
Every time you apply somewhere new, make sure that your cover letter is not generic and the name of the business could not easily be replaced with another. Do your research, highlight your strengths and show your personality.

In addition, the place you apply to needs to not only know how they can benefit you, but how you can benefit them. Don’t forget that this is a two-way street.

2. Triple check your resume for errors
After you proofread your resume, have your professors and PRSSA friends proofread it. The more the merrier!

Also, keep in mind that the most relevant information should be towards the top and that anything you put down on this paper can be asked about during an interview, so don’t stretch the truth.

3. Make your resume stand out
Black-and-white resumes look clean and well-organized, but adding an accent color or displaying your name and contact information in a different fashion can be the one thing that makes your resume memorable. Get creative!

4. Remember that experience doesn’t only mean previous jobs held
Getting your first internship is usually the most difficult because you don’t have any previous internship experiences to talk about. However, don’t forget that the positions you hold in sports and organizations can be just as good. Find what’s relevant to the internship and talk it up! 

5. Pick and perfect a couple of writing samples
So you’ve only written a couple of news releases and news stories in Junker’s PR 317 class? Use them!

Pick two or three graded assignments and edit them by using the corrections given. The recruiter knows that you are a student and likely haven’t written on the professional level yet. Use these assignments as a springboard to get more writing experience.