Hooked on the Tower: Texas Tower Public Relations greater than ever

Texas Tower PR, the student-run public relations firm at the University of Texas at Austin, consists of 35 members and five clients: Texas Exes Alumni Association, Creative Action, Candlelight Ranch, UT Career Services and Teatro Vivo. As many of our valuable seniors moved into the working world last spring, Tower had to fill the void in its organization. After persistent recruiting, class visits, tabling and more, Tower received the most applications in history with 73 qualified candidates from varied majors and backgrounds.

Tower is thrilled to welcome its 15 newest members, the largest class in Tower history! Under the leadership of Texas Tower PR Director Emily Watkins, , Tower has also undertaken a new client this semester, Teatro Vivo,a theatre group focused on raising cultural awareness. Having just finished its first show, Cura, the Teatro Vivo account team is gearing up for the second show, Mariachi Girl. Through blog posts, pitching to various media outlets and creating a Hoot Suite account, Tower is already having great success with its newest client.

Creative Action, led by Sharon Chin and Linda Huang, is working on a PSA for I spy pie! Fundraiser. The team is thrilled to continue the mission of Creative Action (formerly Theatre Action Project—TAP) to inspire young minds through the arts while also gaining the experience in writing, creative copy, audio edition and pitching to local radio stations.

The growth and expansion of Texas Tower PR is exciting for both Tower and UT PRSSA. The executive board of PRSSA has worked tirelessly to make this year valuable for all members. Texas Tower and PRSSA are working together to helpstudents gain valuable experience to enhance the classroom experienceand  develop a well-rounded skill set that will prepare them for future internships and jobs.

By Kathleen Hersey

UT PRSSA and Texas Tower PR senior