Revisiting National Conference 2011

Member, Paola Arias, attended the PRSSA National Conference this year in Orlando. Paola guest wrote a post about the speaker from National Conference 2011 that was most memorable for her.

This year, I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 PRSSA National Conference in Orlando, Fla. I had a great experience networking with professionals and peers in the industry and had the opportunity to attend keynote sessions for the PRSA National Conference.  

Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works, was one of the keynote speakers who spoke Monday, Oct. 17 at the 2011 PRSA National Conference in Orlando, Fla.

 In Brogan’s presentation, “How PR Professionals Can Amplify the Human Digital Channel for Their Clients,” he had three big points: cultivating visibility, earning leverage and realizing that business is about belonging.

He encouraged us to cultivate visibility by utilizing social media outlets like blogs. Telling stories changes by medium, and people want to hear stories that grab their attention and they can connect with. He also emphasized that frequency matters, so tweet back and keep the conversation going.

 “You can earn leverage by learning a thing or two about Jay-Z,”  recommends Brogan. He continues, “You are in the business of selling people… you are in the business of customer service.” He explained that we need to influence people, not just gain exposure and leverage. Any business is about belonging because “inclusion is the new black,” according to Brogan. 

Brogan also stressed the importance of amplifying your stories and making the customer the hero when pitching a product. “Stories are the coin of the realm. I get so many pitches for how amazing a product is, but products are so rarely amazing. When they make me cool, they are amazing. Frequency matters,” he said.

 Brogan left us with his personal and professional recommendations:

·      Connect with more causes.

·      Improve your blogger relations.

·      Reconsider metrics.

·      Rethink velocity.

–      Shine your light on other people.

Brogan’s presentation really emphasized the importance of forming connections and engaging. I would recommend all PRSSA members to attend next year’s PRSSA National Conference in San Francisco, Calif. if they have the chance. It is a great learning experience!

-Paola Arias